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The Brother TN-660XXL Compatible Double Capacity Black Toner Cartridge


Before buying any toner cartridge, there are several factors one should keep in mind. There are different types of cartridges, and many are specific to the printer model. For instance, cartridges meant for high-quality black text are different from those that are meant for color printing.

The model

The quickest way to determine the quality and suitability of the cartridge is the brand and model number found on your printer. With the model number, you will know whether the cartridge is compatible or not. The model number is normally written on the printer, manual, or on the device itself. Many manufacturers have ways to help users find part or model numbers. This is one of the most important aspects we emphasise at Absolute Toner. We are clear with our Brother TN-660XXL Compatible Double Capacity Black Toner Cartridge, for instance, and specify devices this cartridge works with:

  • Brother DCP-L2520DW
  • Brother HL-L2305W
  • Brother HL-L2360DW                
  • Brother MFC-L2720DW
  • Brother MFC-L2740DW
  • Brother HL-L2300D
  • Brother DCP-L2540DW
  • Brother HL-L2380DW
  • Brother MFC-L2700DW
  • Brother HL-L2320D
  • Brother HL-L2340DW



The quality of the device is another one of the factors to consider. There are three types of toner cartridges, compatible, re-manufactured and original. Original and re-manufactured cartridges are those replacement parts that come straight from the manufacturer. Compatible devices are those that are made by third party companies. Most of the time, the quality is the same from either, but before buying a third party toner cartridge for less, consider what it brings to the table. The Brother TN-660XXL Compatible Double Capacity Black Toner Cartridge is one of the most impressive black cartridges in the market. It is a great option that produces up to 10,400 black pages!

The page yield

Page yield and the significance of this number are certainly worth mentioning. The page yield refers to the number of pages that can be realistically expected to be effectively printed before the printer runs out of ink. A single page text document counts as one page. However, for those that are printing graphics, charts, and photos, one might find that their page yield is less. The ink will need replacement sooner than expected. Cartridges like the TN660XXL that area labelled high yield are the most cost-efficient since they last the longest.

Price and storage

The advantage of such compatible cartridges like Brother TN-660XXL Compatible Double Capacity Black Toner Cartridge is that they come at a lower price. This might prompt people to buy in bulk, especially considering that bulk orders are shipped for free by Absolute Toners. When doing this, it is advisable to confirm the shelf life of the cartridge and the needs of the user. Cartridges can last anywhere between three months and two years, depending on whether they are sealed or open. Having extra cartridges on hand ensures you never run out of cartridges and have to run to the store during a print job.

At Absolute Toner, you will find this cartridge and many others. Check out our Brother TN-660XXL Compatible Double Capacity Black Toner Cartridge today.


Cut the Price, Not the Quality!

- Absolute Toner Team

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