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Used and Repossessed Xerox and Canon Copiers for sale

Used and Repossessed Xerox and Canon Copiers for sale

Used and Repossessed Copiers for sale

Xerox® Multifunction Copiers Are Your Pathway to Digital Productivity

Today, Xerox copier machines do more than just print copies. Office copiers are now multifunction printer/copier/scanner/fax/all-in-one machines, and they’re ideal for digitizing documents and workflows.

The Rise of the Multifunction Printer / All in One

Standalone devices, like copiers or fax machines, are relics of the past. That’s because office workers now demand more from their tools and their workspaces. Space-saving multifunction printers (MFPs) perform all the tasks that standalone copiers, fax machines, printers and scanners used to perform individually. But MFPs do so faster, easier and more connectedly than standalone copiers and other devices ever could.


Canon Technology

How has Canon been an industry leader in digital imaging for more than 80 years? Learn more about our copying and printing technologies.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Networking Technologies

Our cutting-edge technologies allow stronger networking between Office MFDs, and between Office MFDs and PCs.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Networking Technologies


Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE Office MFDs are designed to network with office PCs or other imageRUNNER ADVANCE Office MFDs. One of the core functions supporting this system networking is Advanced Box, which uses the built-in HDD (hard disk drive) to offer both MFD box functions and simple file server functions. A new document management module within the OS file system layer incorporates embedded application modules for controlling the operation of each of the Advanced Box, network (SMB, WebDAV) and memory media repositories. This allows the Advanced Box to be used without worry about discrepancies between repositories.

The Advanced Box function offers compatibility with multiple standard protocols, such as SMB and WebDAV, for enhanced adaptability with various network environments in cloud computing. Providing the Office MFDs with both server and client functionality for the two protocols makes it possible to link imageRUNNER ADVANCE machines together in a network, as well as with PCs.

The address book sharing function allows any imageRUNNER ADVANCE system to look up and use registered address information simply by registering addresses used by multiple parties within an office on a single imageRUNNER ADVANCE machine connected via an intranet. The address book framework was built based on the WebService platform offered by Canon's Office MFDs, ensuring its scalability and making possible the sharing of address books across multiple Office MFDs on the same network.


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