Brother MC-3000 Ink Cartridges
With multifunction capabilities, low running costs and slow print rates, the Brother MC-3000 is an inkjet printer designed for personal use. One built-in function is its scanner, which can scan full-color photos, illustrations and graphics with up to 256 grayscales and a resolution of 1200 dpi. The MC-3000 also comes with optical character recognition software that will allow users to edit scanned documents. Additional software included is the Visoneer PaperPort that provides a user-friendly tool for storing and managing scanned documents by saving them directly in Microsoft Word and Excel formats. The machine also comes with enhanced print features like Brother's unique Piezo technology, which can produce documents with small minimum printer ink droplets. With this, full-color graphics and photos can print with exact-precision and accurate resolutions using Brother MC-3000 ink. Color documents, however, print and copy at sluggish rates of only around 2.5 pages per minute that won't be able to support any users printing in fast-paced environments. Similarly, slow black-and-white print speeds of only around 5 pages per minute set the MC-3000 to work best in a home. The unit's four-color printer ink system incorporates individual cyan, magenta, yellow and black Brother MC-3000 ink cartridges. This system of individual Brother MC-3000 ink cartridges keeps the printer at a low cost because it will allow users to replace supplies separately as they expire so no ink is wasted. In addition, replacement Brother MC-3000 ink is available at third party vendor sites for affordable prices. With its provided software features and all-in-one functions, the MC-3000 has a user-friendly design that will allow users to produce a variety of projects types. Although it can only produce documents at slow rates, the Brother MC-3000 has versatile functions and provides inkjet technology that can produce professional-quality photos, graphics and text projects.

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Brother MC-3000 Ink Cartridges

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