Canon Fax B215C Ink Cartridges
Canon's FAX-B215C is an outstanding plain paper fax providing full color communication. Successor to the successful FAX-B210C, this fax model provides a higher transfer speed with the incorporation of its USB interface. Offering superb fax capabilities, this easy-to-use color fax unit also functions as a color copier and can be attached to a PC for use as a color printer. All that in a stand-alone fax machine that takes up so little space on your desk. For convenience, the FAX-B215C includes both a USB connection and parallel interface. By using the high speed USB connection data is transmitted faster than through the standard parallel interface. The FAX-B215C features a 14.4 Kbps modem, which can transmit a document page in just 6 seconds and helps keep your telephone costs low. The FAX-B215C offers small office or home business users cost effective, easy access to full fax capacity. One-touch dials, auto redial and received image reduction make it easily the best way to communicate in black and white. Color faxing is quick and fast, with clear transmission and print out. And the small footprint saves valuable space at the same time. The fax memory allows you to store messages before you send them, reducing the time spent waiting to fax. And should the paper or ink run out, incoming faxes automatically go to the memory so you can print them out later. A fast, clear output with PhotoRealism technology gives you the highest quality reproduction for color images. And best of all you can print on all kinds of media from envelopes to transparencies allowing you to be far more professional and creative with your business communications. The FAX-B215C also doubles up as a color copier enabling you to reproduce all your business documents and presentations to a high quality in full color using normal plain copy paper.

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Canon Fax B215C Ink Cartridges

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