HP DeskJet 710 Ink Cartridges

Ready to deliver and responsive, this white HP printer is designed for printing a variety of outputs rapidly. The HP Deskjet 710C enables you to produce printouts with clean crisp definition with its innovative thermal inkjet component. This HP printer fits into your space easily, thanks to its functional form factor. This inkjet printer is an outstanding device, so you can generate pages quickly and easily. Hold on to the digitized records of your life after quickly plugging it in by taking advantage of the reliable parallel (IEEE 1284) computer connection included with the HP Deskjet 710C. This HP printer includes a vivid color printing capability enabling you to experience crisp and clear output on envelopes, labels, and plain paper. This inkjet printer includes handy controls enabling you to adjust the printer settings till you get them just the way you want them to maximize your reading enjoyment or work output. Also, with the exceptional 6 ppm printing speed found on the HP Deskjet 710C, you can finish your printing with great efficiency.

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