HP DeskJet 843c Ink Cartridges

Designed for generating crystal clear lines, this white HP printer is dependable and high-quality. With the handy set of USB 1.0/1.1 and Parallel (IEEE 1284) computer connections included on the HP DeskJet 843c, you can print your digitized records with a quick connection. This HP printer helps you to generate printouts with clean crisp definition with its innovative inkjet element. Easily modify the print settings to your specifications to maximize your reading enjoyment or efficiency with the help of the convenient controls found on this inkjet printer. The HP DeskJet 843c is an outstanding printer, which means you are able to issue pages quickly and easily. Rapidly generate captivating documents, invitations, and bank statements by making use of the superb 8 ppm printing speed found on this HP printer. This inkjet printer blends into your work area with ease, with its useful shape. In addition, with the vivid color generation capability featured on the HP DeskJet 843c, you can generate vivid bank statements, images, and school reports.

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