HP DeskJet 850c Ink Cartridges

This white HP printer is ideal for groups that print frequently. It's equal parts effective and powerful. Print on plain paper, envelopes, and cards with superb clarity by making use of the stunning color printing capability on the HP Deskjet 850C. With the handy set of RS-422 and parallel (IEEE 1284) computer connections on this HP printer, you can easily hook it up and print out engaging cartoons, bank statements, and images. Rapidly print captivating greeting cards, certificates, and Web printouts using the impressive 6 ppm printing speed featured on this inkjet printer. The HP Deskjet 850C uses the most effective amount of desk space necessary to complete your printing tasks, thanks to its practical shape. This HP printer has a modern inkjet technology enabling you to print a multitude of striking quality rich documents, memos, and resumes. This inkjet printer is an exceptional workgroup printer, allowing you to support the printing needs of you and your many colleagues. In addition, the convenient controls featured on the HP Deskjet 850C allow you to customize the pagination, scaling, and layout to your preferred levels.

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