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HP DeskJet D4260 Ink Cartridges
The HP Deskjet D4260's body is simply designed and understated. The silver-and-black printer stands 18.1 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep, and 5.7 inches tall, and weighs just 7.6 pounds. The paper handling system comprises an output tray that sits above a 100-sheet input tray. The output tray has an extendable arm for corralling paper, and the tray folds up so you can easily load paper into the input tray. The control panel is also simple, consisting of a power button, a feed/continue button, and a Photosmart Essential button. There are also icons that light up to indicate a problem with the printer or low ink levels. Below the control panel is a single USB port for connecting cameras, USB memory card readers, or USB drives such as hard drives or flash thumbdrives. The HP Deskjet D4260 uses a two-tank ink system: one black and one tricolor. Both come in standard and XL sizes. The standard black costs $15 and produces about 175 prints, while the XL version costs $30 and produces 650 prints. The standard color tank costs $18 for 170 prints, while the XL color tank costs $35 for 520 prints. Using the XL tanks for best value, we estimate that a black-only print will cost about 4.6 cents, while a full-color print will cost about 11.3 cents. Both numbers are reasonable for a low-price inkjet printer. HP also offers a tricolor photo ink tank (to replace the black) for six-color photo printing.

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HP DeskJet D4260 Ink Cartridges

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