HP LaserJet II Toner Cartridges and Drum
The LaserJet series II was the first SX-based printer on the market. The product was a stunning success from the start and seemed to appear on the front page of every computer magazine. By Fall Comdex of 1988, HP was celebrating the fact that it had sold over a million LaserJet and LaserJet II printers. The LaserJet series II became the biggest revenue product in HP's history. With well over a million LaserJet series II printers sold, one would think that used ones should be available from many sources at low prices, but they're not. HP II printers rarely need repairs, lots of add-on products are available, and users seem to be quite attached to them. The Series II features an operator control panel with a 16 character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel instead of a two digit LED display. The front panel's extra characters make it easier to operate. The Series II has 6 different bitmapped fonts, although, this deficiency is made up for by the availability of thousands of font cartridges and by the fact that many software packages come with built-in HP II-compatible soft fonts.

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HP LaserJet II Toner Cartridges and Drum

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