HP LaserJet IIP Plus Toner Cartridges and Drum
A good choice for printing smear-free memos, charts, and instructions for you, this white HP printer is efficient and effective. With the high-contrast monochrome generation capability included on the HP LaserJet IIP Plus, you can experience razor sharp output on plain paper, labels, and envelopes. This HP printer features exceptional 4 ppm printing speed, so you can quickly print publishable figures, financial statements, and documentation. This laser printer allows you to quickly plug it in and print camera-ready illustrations, memos, and handouts with its helpful set of serial (RS-232C), parallel (IEEE 1284), and RS-422A computer connections. The HP LaserJet IIP Plus occupies the least amount of desk space necessary to get your printing jobs done, thanks to its practical form factor. This HP printer is an outstanding printer, so you can generate pages easily and quickly. The well-designed laser technology featured on this laser printer enables you to make crisp documentation, Gantt charts, and contracts with clear crisp definition. Plus, the HP LaserJet IIP Plus includes easy-to-master controls allowing you to easily adjust the scaling, pagination, and sharpness just the way you like it.

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HP LaserJet IIP Plus Toner Cartridges and Drum

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