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This HP printer is capable of delivering clear crisp lines. It's both efficient and ready to deliver. The HP PhotoSmart 1218 features a brilliant color printing capability, so you can print on labels, transparencies, and envelopes with superb clarity. You can quickly set the resolution, scaling, and sharpness to suit your preferences because this HP printer comes with effective controls. This inkjet printer is an exceptional digital photo printer, enabling you to make copies of your digital images to distribute to co-workers. With the advanced inkjet element found on the HP PhotoSmart 1218, you can print numerous high-quality photographs or pictures. The superb 17 ppm print speed on this HP printer enables you to finish your printing more rapidly. This inkjet printer blends into your work area with ease, with its practical shape. In addition, the HP PhotoSmart 1218 helps you to easily plug it in and print pictures or photographs thanks to its user-friendly set of USB 1.0/1.1 and parallel (IEEE 1284-C) computer connections.

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