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Hewlett-Packard for many years has been considered the top of the line for printers. With such a sterling reputation, I gave no thought when I bought my HP PSC 1300 printer. The scanning quality is exceptional, providing color copies that truly rival professional photo developing. The printing quality is good, but the speed is slow, and business-owners or college students may want to consider laser printers for quick, professional printing. This printer, though it has done a great job at printing photos, and a fine job of documents and other media, as a serious student, HP PSC 1300 has not provided with the speed that I need for last minute essays! Any casual user would love this product, however. My wear and tear on the printer is also becoming evident, as the printer has started jamming more frequently of late. It is a bargain, though, and well worth the 80 dollars for all the convenience of your own copier within a printer.

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