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The Differences Between Standard & High Yield Toner Cartridge


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Standard Toner Cartridge and a High Yield Toner Cartridge? Well, let’s get started by informing you what Standard and High Yield actually mean. Just as the name implies, a Standard Toner Cartridge has a standard yield. Whereas the High Yield Toner Cartridge has a high yield. Pretty straight forward right? Well, as we all know there are a variety of different toners on the market; Samsung, Brother, Canon, HP, and so forth. However, each printer/copier has its very own unique toner. The list of different toners is endless but we will stick to some very popular types. Keep in mind, the only major difference between these two types of toner cartridges is the cost, and the page count. 

Now, how about we start playing with some numbers? Let’s start off with examining the HP Q2612A which has a high capacity toner known as HP Q2612X.

Q2612A :

  • Produces approximately 2000 pages based on a 5% page coverage
  • Costs $21.99 on Absolute Toner
  • $0.01 per page


  • Produces approximately 3000 pages based on a 5% page coverage
  • Costs $25.99 at Absolute Toner
  • $0.008 per page

For just a couple of bucks more, you can get around a couple hundred pages more. As mentioned above, the cost per page on a standard Q2612A is $0.01 but on a high yield Q2612X it is not even a single penny. To put all this together, I would recommend individuals purchasing the high yield toner cartridge.

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