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Window Tinting by Roland

Window Tinting by Roland


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Windows Tinting machine by Roland for protection of your vehicle


Window tinting might sound like a show practice for adding aesthetics to your car’s windows. But it is more than that. You are always inclined to care for your car's engine but never wondered to care about the windows. 


Window Tinting is more than an art show

You will always want your car to last long, and for this purpose, you need to think about investing in it. Using a windshield protector may temporarily help to reduce sun damage. On the other hand, window tinting is a permanent solution to protect your car from harsh sun rays. Window tinting involves applying a thin laminate film to the window of your vehicle and results in the darkening of the glass. This lamination can prevent the fading of upholstery and decolorization of leather and vinyl.  CAMM-1 GR 540 cutter by Roland for window tinting can help in the overall protection of your vehicle.

Cutting Window Tint Patterns with a Roland DG Vinyl Cutter How-To Video


People choose to tint their car’s windows for several reasons. Protection from UV rays remains the primary reason, followed by the privacy and security of the vehicle. UV rays are responsible for causing skin cancer and can be prevented from directing them through the glass that has been tinted. Other advantages of window tinting include eliminating solar gain or interior gain, which will ultimately lead to enhanced fuel economy and slashing down the direct glare from the sun to lessen eye fatigue. 


What are the benefits of the Window Tinting by CAMM-1 GR 540 Roland machine?


  • Prevent dullness of car upholstery
  •  You might think that parking your car in a shaded area will help you protect your vehicle from sun damage and fading, but this is a temporary solution. You can choose window tinting as a permanent alternative. It protects your vehicle from sun damage and prevents fading of vehicle upholstery, carpeting and dashboard. It is also effective in protecting the interior of your car from cracking or distorting. 


  • Acts as a blockade for UV rays
  • Even with the glasses and window shield in your vehicle, you are prone to harmful Ultraviolet rays, responsible for causing skin cancer and other skin problems like skin darkening, skin burns and premature ageing. With car tinting, you can block these harmful rays from directing at you. It provides a UV protection shield to your vehicle’s window glass.


  • It helps to cut off Solar heat
  • Solar heat inside your car must be managed and settled at the right level for comfort drive in your vehicle. With window tinting, you can easily regulate the temperature by blocking the heat from entering the car. In addition, window tinting helps to cut off the solar heat and radiation. 


  • A barrier for protection of car glass
  • Along with other benefits mentioned above, window tinting your vehicle glass acts as a barrier to keep your glass from any damage or shattering. It provides a layer of thickness added to your glass frame, making it hard to break by thieves' attacks. The window tint also ensures the safety of drivers and passengers in the event of an accident or mishap.


  • Ensures privacy and security
  • Window tinting with CAMM-1 GR 540 cutter on your vehicle will enable maximum privacy so that no random person can see your valuables kept in the car. You and your passengers feel more secure while sitting inside the car or going down the road.

    Why choose the Window Tinting Machine by Roland?

    The Window Tinting Machine by Roland features Roland’s renowned precise and authentic CAMM-1 technology designed for professionals. It has a large Format vinyl cutter that uses Roland’s software. The software is built to provide faster cutting and increased downforce. The Roland CAMM-1 GR-540 large format cutter comes with advanced features and versatile uses. Along with window tinting, you can use this format cutter for apparel, vehicle graphics, packaging production and signs. CAMM-1 GR 540 cutter excels as a modern device for graphics professionals with its exceptional media versatility, accuracy, speed and state-of-the-art cutting features. It provides advanced preciseness with its soft-start speeding feed.


    Absolute Toner Canada has made window tinting easier by offering the latest technology tinting machine with upgraded technology.  CAMM-1 GR 540 Roland machine can be bought or rented from Absolute Toner at a discounted price.

     Along with window tinting machines, it is the largest compatible toner supplier in Ontario. We carry a complete line of Toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, toner refills, and ink refills. Absolute Toner is one of the leading suppliers of discount cartridges and toner cartridges in Canada. 


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