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Benefits Of Leasing A Copier

Benefits Of Leasing A Copier

Benefits Of Leasing A Copier

Having a copier may be a financial burden for most tiny businesses. Besides supply expenses and maintenance prices, thinking up the initial funds to buy the copier can extend operational budgets beyond lucrative limits. Copier leasing helps facilitate the upfront monetary investment and might offer several other attractive benefits.


Small companies seldom have unlimited funds at their disposal. Saving financial funds for business opportunities and for making purchases over time is a lot more significant than investing in workplace technology that is only going to eliminate value. Lease arrangements might even include the price of supplies, further decreasing the original payout.


Leasing a copier may relieve budgeting issues. You might even pick the duration and conditions of your rental arrangement to offer you the maximum payment flexibility. Changes in interest rates also don't impact based payment amounts.

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Business Taxes

Copier leasing gives a different tax benefit over cheque purchasing. Should you buy a copier, you can only deduct the machine's depreciation, which is generally 40% of the purchase price. If you lease a copier, the rental payment is a pretax company expense, which means that you can deduct the total amount every payment.

Upgrade Technology

You would also have to eliminate the prior version, including your own time expenditures. By comparison, most cheque rental arrangements have choices to update the copier on a predetermined date. Such rental agreements allow your organization always to be consistent with the most recent office engineering. Preventing obsolescence also means more effective copying because newer machines have reduced per-page expenses. Efficiency translates into more significant gain and a higher return on your rental investment.

As you can see from all the points above, there are many benefits of leasing a copier. If you're looking to lease a copier, contact Absolute Toner today!

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