Top Five Reasons Not to Use Refill Toner Cartridges

Top Five Reasons Not to Use Refill Toner Cartridges

A lot of people are deciding to refill toner cartridges instead of buying the toner cartridge that is manufactured. Though this seems like a good concept, and cheaper also, it really is better to buy new ones. If you're purchasing refill toner, it can become harmful, not just to the printer but for your health as well. If you are buying a toner cartridge that's been refilled, make sure you're conscious of the problems that can occur.

First of all, you may see problems with your health if you're working or using near refilled toner cartridges. The toner powders on your cartridges contain things like polymer-type plastic, nitropyrenes, and trinitrotoluene which may result in respiratory difficulties or skin reactions. When these cartridges are being refilled the energy escapes into the air and can expose anyone that is around. Cartridges that are recently manufactured have no such problems.

Next, you have to think about the durability. Having the cartridge does just that. It refills the capsule. It doesn't lengthen the lifespan of this capsule to make it last any longer. For these to all operate properly, the components have to be replaced not just the cartridge refilled. For the printing process to process properly, heat out of the roller drum is required for the toner powder to adhere to the newspaper. After the roller drums lifespan is up, they need to be replaced, or the wax won't stick to the paper, and the roller drums will not operate correctly. If the powder is not properly adhering to the paper, it may cause people to have direct contact with the toner powder, which would get the health problems that were mentioned above.

One more thing which must be considered is the price. A remanufacturer isn't the first fabrication, but a third party that generates the same high-quality toner as the original producer. They are held to the same high standards as the first manufacturer to their laser toner cartridge. They are manufactured with the same quality and level of performance as the original manufactured laser cartridge.

As a professional who's printing for customers or clients, you will find they will appreciate a bright and vibrant print which refilled toner cartridges do not supply. When you refill your cartridge you will see that it produces a more inferior quality compared to that of that has been remanufactured.

One final thing that you should always think about is the impact on the printer. The powder from the toner in the cartridge may spread all across the inside of the printer and cause damage to the printer. It can shorten the lifespan of the printer radically. Keep this in mind before using refilled toner.

All these are the reasons which you should use remanufactured toner cartridges if not the first. They supply as good of quality and don't harm you, the surroundings or the printer. This is just something to look at when you go to purchase your next round of ink.

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