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Absolute Toner Now Has Live Chat!


Need live support? now has live chat!

Live Chat

Our Customer Support Team is now offering a new live web chat option as an alternative to calling us which will assist you, as the customer, as efficiently as possible. This fantastic, exciting option allows you to chat with a representative directly to resolve any issue, without having to call in!

Now you might be wondering what exactly the Live Chat entails, and how it functions. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some very common questions:

What Kind Of Questions May I Ask The Agent(s)?


We love interacting with our customers personally; our main goal is to assist while visiting

Is Live Chat Available For Any Other Languages?

Currently our staff is equipped with English, Russian, Hebrew, and Spanish speaking representatives. To speak with our bilingual staff members, we ask to provide a phone number to speak with them personally.

The Button For Live Chat Displays “Email Us”. What Exactly Does This Mean?

The chat widget displays if our agents are online, or not. “Chat With Us” indicates they’re available, while “Emails Us” indicates offline. During the offline period, you may still use the chat to send any inquiry/request.

Our agents are available from Monday to Friday, 9AM-6PM.

After those hours, and during the weekend, all inquiries will be sent to our customer service email. During that period of time, communication may have a slight delay; you will receive a response between 24-48hrs.

What Happens If We Get Disconnected?

That is a great question!

To keep as efficient as possible, we ask that you fill in the email field before starting the chat session. That way, if we by chance get disconnected, there will always be a way to contact you. We also keep transcripts in order to service you better.

Live Chat support is available 9AM – 6PM, Monday to Friday, to assist with any inquiry. That could be pricing/sales, technical, re-seller, or any general interest; we’re here to help!

Cut the Price, Not the Quality!

- Absolute Toner Team

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  • Kaitlin Carlington