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A Guide to Finding a Cheap Copier in Toronto, GTA


A Guide To Finding a Cheap Copier in Toronto, GTA


Everybody loves the opportunity to keep aside a few dollars after purchasing items that they really need, as every dime matters especially when buying equipment for your business.

We've supplied tips and tricks to get a cheap copier in Toronto, without breaking the bank.

Lease, Don’t Buy Brand New

Copiers can be very costly especially if you are opting for brand new. However, you would be able to save yourself some funds if you choose to lease a copier instead of buying out-right. By leasing, you can spread the costs of your copier over a few months.

Go For Multifunction Copiers

Another way to save money and get cheap copiers in Toronto is to go for multi-function (MFP) copiers. These copiers would usually have printer capacities, scanners, fax, as well as act as a photocopier. Multi-function copiers are extremely cheap at the end of the day because you'll get all mentioned functions at once, and at affordable prices, instead of buying devices separately. 

Consider Off-lease Copiers

You can also consider the option of purchasing off-lease machines from trusted supplier. These machines have been pre-owned but mildly used.

Centralize Your Copier Machine

One trick business owners have learnt to use to be able to use copiers for cheap is to centralize their machines. So instead of buying two or three copier machines for your very big office with different departments, you just need to buy one copier and have it centralized so that everyone in the office is able to use that single copy machine. 

Rent a Copier

If your kind of business only requires that you make use of a copy machine a few times a month, then you should seriously consider the option of renting one instead of buying or leasing. Renting a machine can be very affordable, especially if your printing demands are low.


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