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Repossessed Ricoh MP C307 Color Laser Multifunction HIGH QUALITY FAST PRINTER

Repossessed Ricoh MP C307 Color Laser Multifunction HIGH QUALITY FAST PRINTER

The compact MP C307 multifunction laser color systems have the sophistication to meet the ever-growing, ever-evolving needs of small to mid-sized businesses and corporate enterprises. They offer users a robust feature set, and the same Smart Operation Panel and intuitive user interface found on our A3 devices. 
Benefits Of Leasing A Copier

Benefits Of Leasing A Copier

Benefits Of Leasing A Copier

Having a copier may be a financial burden for most tiny businesses. Besides supply expenses and maintenance prices, thinking up the initial funds to buy the copier can extend operational budgets beyond lucrative limits. Copier leasing helps facilitate the upfront monetary investment and might offer several other attractive benefits.


Small companies seldom have unlimited funds at their disposal. Saving financial funds for business opportunities and for making purchases over time is a lot more significant than investing in workplace technology that is only going to eliminate value. Lease arrangements might even include the price of supplies, further decreasing the original payout.


Leasing a copier may relieve budgeting issues. You might even pick the duration and conditions of your rental arrangement to offer you the maximum payment flexibility. Changes in interest rates also don't impact based payment amounts.

Ricoh MP 3053 Copier

Business Taxes

Copier leasing gives a different tax benefit over cheque purchasing. Should you buy a copier, you can only deduct the machine's depreciation, which is generally 40% of the purchase price. If you lease a copier, the rental payment is a pretax company expense, which means that you can deduct the total amount every payment.

Upgrade Technology

You would also have to eliminate the prior version, including your own time expenditures. By comparison, most cheque rental arrangements have choices to update the copier on a predetermined date. Such rental agreements allow your organization always to be consistent with the most recent office engineering. Preventing obsolescence also means more effective copying because newer machines have reduced per-page expenses. Efficiency translates into more significant gain and a higher return on your rental investment.

As you can see from all the points above, there are many benefits of leasing a copier. If you're looking to lease a copier, contact Absolute Toner today!

Lower Toner Costs With A New Copier

Lower Toner Costs With A New Copier

Lower Toner Costs With A New Copier

Among the most effective strategies to lower costs and be more environmentally-friendly in the office or at home would be to alter your colour printing customs.

In most cases, it is possible to unknowingly participate in wasteful practices -- from printing in colour to replacing toner. Not only is this bad for our environment, but it might be costing you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars. Becoming more conscious of your customs and cutting corners in which you are the very first steps in decreasing your prices, colour printing difficulties and ecological footprint.

Be Skeptical Of Low Toner Warnings

Every time a very low toner warning pops on a laser printer, then you might tend to modify the cartridge straight away. But a number of these warnings arrive as soon as the cartridge has 25% of its toner left. This may equate to an extra 400-500 pages that you could print using the same cartridge. Maintain an excess cartridge or two available, however, use your present toner cartridge until it runs out. Replace toner when pages are faded rather than after getting a warning to make sure you're receiving the maximum cartridge potential.

Reduce Stop/Start Cycles

Along with waiting to modify your toner cartridge, you might even prevent using stop/start cycles to decrease your use further. Throughout the stop/start cycle, the toner will collect on the drum even when you're not printing anything. This can be a wasteful practice that a lot of individuals don't even recognize that their printers do. To prevent this, enter your "Printer Properties" tab on your personal computer and fix the settings so that your pages will only begin printing after the last page is spooled. This will lower the number of times your printer will stop and start again, saving you a great deal of toner.

HP M880 Copier

Use Print Preview

Particularly if you're printing a page, assess the preview before printing. Often with pages, there's a great deal of extraneous material. Ads from the margins or arbitrary user opinions after the article take up plenty of room. By taking a look at the preview, you can view what will be published, the number of pages it's going to be, and when there are any additional pages that you may completely cut away from the own printing. This will lessen your paper and toner use substantially.

Be particularly cautious of advertisements when printing in colour, because these will squander much more toner than additional text. At times it's more helpful to glue it into a file and print out of there to prevent all of the random jumble on the page.

Printing In Black And White When Possible

Unless you're printing material to get a customer or graphics are crucial to your record, then you may probably skimp on colour. Moreover, be frugal with your usage of images and graphics when printing because pictures take an excellent deal more toner than mere text.

Though colour printing can be costly, there are lots of approaches in which you can correct your habits to lower prices. Finding different ways to conserve toner and paper are a few of the most straightforward solutions to less expensive and ineffective printing.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Copier

Why You Should Upgrade Your Copier

Why You Should Upgrade Your Copier

Copiers are excellent pieces of technology that may help your organization reduce costs and improve productivity. Naturally, there are a few companies that fail to capitalize on these benefits and, accordingly, you are going to discover a copier in virtually every workplace.

Why Consider A Copier Update?

However, like all other technology, there comes a time when you have to begin looking to improve your copier. Often there may be a single cause that prompts your organization to make this move, or it could be a mix of different factors. In any event, there comes a time when needing to upgrade Is Essential, so let us take a look at the motives for this:

Physical Faults

Copiers are produced from many distinct elements and, just like all machines, components are vulnerable to failure. While this may often be as straightforward as a broken spring and, consequently, comparatively cheap to fix, critical malfunctions can shortly ratchet up repair costs concerning labour and parts. This may often lead to the copier being deemed beyond economic repair, and also the most sensible alternative is to purchase new gear.

Performance Upgrade

Ricoh MP 6002 Copier

Technology advances at a fast rate, and this is equally as accurate for copiers as for any other piece of office equipment. Copiers have progressed significantly during the past couple of decades to be quicker, comprise more functions and be environmentally friendly. And, for almost any company that appreciates productivity, the improved performance of a brand new, superior copier offers is a possibility that few companies can afford to dismiss.

End Of Year Budgets

The end of a business's financial year is a popular time for companies to upgrade their copier, and there's a logic behind this timing. If the next fiscal year is predicted to be tough due to economic forces, it makes sense to build the outlay of copier upgrade into the previous year's budget. Therefore, your organization has more of its budget to work within tighter finances, where any cost on assets is going to be carefully scrutinized.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Old copiers are more likely to need routine maintenance to make sure they operate to their entire capacity. Currently, while this surely prevents you from investing in a significant quantity of money within an updated toaster, these maintenance costs can gradually creep up into necessary amounts. Many times, the better choice is to upgrade your copier to lower your maintenance costs and any accompanying downtime.

Improved Security

Many copiers used within a company are linked to a community to boost accessibility to workers, but additionally, it places copiers in danger of being compromised. As we're living in an era where trust and security are essential for any company, we must protect our copiers as a result of the sensitive information that they manage. Older copiers lack safety attributes, whereas newer versions are much safer. More modern copiers have security features like password security or swipe authentication.

If at least one of these reasons ring true with you, don't hesitate to contact Absolute Toner, we'd love to talk you through the upgrading process.

Why You Should Lease A New Copier

Why You Should Lease A New Copier

Why You Should Lease A New Copier

The decision to lease a new copier is often a challenging choice for a company to make. When you rent a device, you do not own it. You are just leasing it for a predetermined period. Consider living in an apartment. It's precisely the same idea, but it will have many benefits for a growing business that purchasing a new multifunction copier lacks.

When you lease a multifunction copier, you aren't stuck using a system that loses value as time passes. Your company is going to have more available credit and zero care issues. Your organization may also update your gear readily using a leased copier.

Depreciating Assets And Liability

With depreciating assets, leasing is valuable. People prefer to get their cars for a variety of reasons; others prefer to rent because automobiles quickly get rid of value. Part of this reason is a newer version becomes published each year. The requirement for older versions subsequently decreases, decreasing their financial benefit. Tear and wear also variables into depreciation.

Any product or device which gets upgraded or utilized over time is viewed as a depreciating asset. By way of instance, computers and mobile phones share these attributes. Printers and copiers perform also.

Cash Flow And Credit

Buying a copier makes a massive expense straight away. Leasing a cheque allows for little monthly obligations to be produced. Small growth in monthly costs is generally preferable to a substantial upfront and instant price.

Along with not having to deplete a lot of funds, a company is going to have more flexibility concerning their credit line when renting a copier. More accessible credit equates to the ability to boost operations.

Xerox Color C60

In addition to that, monthly obligations for equipment required to run your everyday operations could be composed as a company expense. Therefore, it's likely that choosing to rent a copier could help save you money even when the rental payments add up to more than the total cost of the copier itself.

Additionally, it lets you obtain a bigger machine than you would be in a position to. A lien, which costs two times as much as the existing copier would need twice as many funds in one month's budget. Leasing the same cheque will be more expensive a month, yes, however, the effects of that increase in your funding will probably be little by comparison.

Zero Maintenance Concerns

Most rental agreements incorporate a maintenance arrangement. The price tag is often included in your monthly obligations. In the event of buying a copier for copier maintenance is an integral facet of possession that firms need to charge for. Leasing a multifunction device removes the need for budgeting for copier maintenance costs as the majority of the time that it's contained within the rental payment.

Device Upgrades

There is also an extra plus in the conclusion of a rental arrangement: the possibility of updates. Lessees are usually able to roll up their rental payments to a brand new copier if all is done and said. This permits your organization to update without the extra price.

The obtained upgrade will enable your staff to publish faster or more effectively while maintaining your company up with the most recent technology. When renting many machines, the rental payments could be staggered so that every of these is updated consistently. Having a leased agent, not just to relieve yourself of their accountability connected with a depreciating asset, but you also empower yourself to update regularly.

Lower Office Copier Costs

Lower Office Copier Costs

Lower Office Copier Costs

Did you know that the typical employee costs a company anywhere from $600 to $1,300 annually just in printing expenses? That is not considering the cost of owning, maintaining and operating that equipment in-house.

These costs can quickly add up, and you may end up maxing out your budget before you had planned for. The good news? It is possible to prevent that from happening by taking the proper measures to reduce your printing and copying costs altogether.

Tips To Lower Office Copier Costs

Printing Double-Sided

Printing double-sided (or duplexing) not only lowers your printing costs but may also be desirable for the receiver. One business that may benefit from this consideration is the health care sector, which uses a lot of printed materials to control patient details.

One study also discovered that businesses could reduce their yearly paper prices by around 30 percent by using the duplexing option. While it doesn't need to be the only means you print and copy, it may save in the future by using this technique for significantly less essential files.

Embrace Digital Storage

We are living in an extremely electronic world, so embracing digital storage isn't just a massive cost-benefit to your organization, but also, an increase in productivity. And the fantastic thing is that now's high tech copiers supply an array of methods to join with other programs and programs.

Instead of immediately visiting your printer or copier to print and scan a document, think about whether you require a hardcopy first. Sometimes the best solution would be to keep the file in a cloud-based alternative for a later period when an employee might have to get it.

Ricoh MP 5002 Copier

Spare Your Shade

For people who use a colour printer or copier, among the most excellent strategies to cut back on unnecessary printing and copy costs would be to publish in black and white when possible. It generally costs four times more to print in colour. You can immediately lower your annual expenses by conserving your colour use for if you need it. Many copiers and printers have a choice to print in black by default, which may be switched manually onto your part of gear or with the support of your equipment supplier.

Preview Your Printing

Though simple, this approach can fix many problems with paper and, finally, wasted cash. Among the most typical causes of printing waste in the workplace is because somebody published a record without previewing it, and it ended up coming out misaligned or coated in broken pictures or advertisements. Ads, images and other components sneak in the document, making a less than desired piece once published. The ideal alternative? Encourage employees to preview the pages before they print it to make sure it seems like what they want it to.

Use a Copier for High Volume Jobs

Among the most significant ways to immediately bust from your funding would be by printing large quantity printing jobs onto a desktop printer. Desktop printers are made to be used frequently, but with smaller tasks (a few pages here, a few pages there). They are not designed to deal with large tasks regularly. The components are not as complicated or durable, making them wear and fail a lot more quickly. Whereas, if you are printing hundreds of copies regularly, you are better off using a multifunctional copier to find the task finished.